Mass Earthwork

Our primary business focus at inception was mass earthwork and remains so today. Our fleet of equipment, our maintenance facilities, our operations and our employees allow us the ability to provide a comprehensive approach to earthwork projects--large and small. Our experience and expertise allows us to adapt to challenging site conditions to ensure that the earthwork required for your project is completed as efficiently as possible. Our earthwork services begin before we even mobilize to the site, as we work...Read More

Foundation Excavation

G.A. Blocker Grading Contractor can provide you with full service building and foundation excavation and backfill services.  We have vast experience excavating for formed walls and footings, trench footings, interior column piers, thickened slabs, complex basement foundation systems and countless single family home slabs, crawls and basements.  We have worked on commercial, industrial, health services, residential and environmental foundation excavation projects. In addition, we also have experience excavating and backfilling various site features including complex retaining wall systems, driven h-pile walls,...Read More

Roadways & Bridges

G.A. Blocker is equipped with the manpower, equipment and skill to provide a broad expanse of roadbuilding services: Earthwork for roadway and ditch subgrade construction Earthwork for bridge cone sections, embankments and abutments Roadway base stabilization Fine grading for pavements, curbs, sidewalks and other surfaces Placement and fine grading of aggregates Backfill of pavement areas Pavement removal, grinding, recycling Through our involvement on roadway projects, we have knowledge and experience relating to the coordination and sequencing which is required between...Read More

GC / CM / Consulting

The key to a successful construction project is based upon the ability of all parties involved to work together towards a common goal.  Our experience on a vast array of construction projects since our company was formed has provided us with the expertise to work together with many different specialty contractors concurrently with our own operations on any given project.  We are able to leverage this experience and expertise by often acting as a general contractor, construction manager or consultant...Read More

Native Habitats

There is always a delicate balance that is required to be achieved between construction/development and the native environment.  Increasingly, conservation of our natural resources plays a major role in the design of project sites through the incorporation and/or enhancement of wetland areas and native prairie. G.A. Blocker has completed many successful wetland remediation, mitigation and enhancement projects throughout northern Illinois.  We are able to utilize the knowledge, equipment and technology that we have in-house to ensure that the proper and design...Read More

Mining Projects

Due to our comprehensive fleet of earthmoving equipment and technical expertise, we are able to provide a vast array of services complimentary to the mining industry, including: Overburden stripping, removal, grading and stabilization. Reclamation of previously mined areas in compliance with required remediation plans Reclamation of abandoned mined lands, proper stabilization of high walls and slopes, capping of mine shafts Excavation, hauling and segregation of natural resources Adapting previously mined areas for additional uses through regrading and subgrade soil remediation...Read More


Over the course of the last 50 years of being in business, G.A. Blocker Grading and our affiliated companies have developed many beautiful and successful real estate projects as either as sole owner or as a member of a partnership.  Our capitalization allows us to participate on many levels on various projects and our expertise in infrastructure construction brings value to our relationship. We have extensive experience on the many facets of private development including: Evaluating locations and sites Preparing pro-forma financial information...Read More

Underground Utilities

We are able to provide a wide range of underground utility installation on public or private projects of virtually any size or scope.  We have extensive experience in the construction of: Storm sewer Box culvert installation--precast and cast-in-place Sanitary sewer--gravity and forcemain Lift station installation Watermain installation Electical conduit installation We have knowledgeable and experienced employees who are able to utilize our fleet of equipment and tools in order to ensure that your project is completed on time and in...Read More