GC / CM / Consulting

The key to a successful construction project is based upon the ability of all parties involved to work together towards a common goal.  Our experience on a vast array of construction projects since our company was formed has provided us with the expertise to work together with many different specialty contractors concurrently with our own operations on any given project.  We are able to leverage this experience and expertise by often acting as a general contractor, construction manager or consultant on virtually any size and scope of infrastructure project.  We have acted in any one of these roles on varying projects such as small commercial strip center projects, complex intermodal sites, sanitary sewer forcemains, watermains, airports, marina construction, golf courses, community parks and athletic field complexes.

By contracting G.A. Blocker Grading as your infrastructure general contractor, you are able to achieve a true “one stop shop” for a turn-key infrastructure construction solution based upon your plans and specifications.  This allows you to focus on other aspects of your project, yet maintain the piece of mind that G.A. Blocker is ensuring your project is proceeding efficiently.  All parties will benefit from the level of experience and communication that our project managers will bring to the project.

In a similar manner, G.A. Blocker is able to act in a construction manager role on projects of any size, scope or duration.  By contracting your project through a construction manager arrangement, an owner can benefit from the expertise of coordination and cost management from the CM, but yet still assume the Contract risk, thus saving on cost and fees.  In addition, through proper management the project can be more easily fast-tracked, with overlap between the design and construction phases of the project.

Often, we act in a consultant role, providing advice and direction to an owner/developer through the design and construction phases of a project to mitigate risks and to implement value engineering concepts.  We have encountered many different situations over the past 50 years of being in business and we are able to incorporate this experience into your project.

Another key consulting role we often perform is related to the design, implementation, maintenance, monitoring and reporting of your site specific Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).  Our employees are certified to provide these services for you and understand the importance of maintaining a balance between responsible stewardship of our natural resources and the construction site.  We are able to guide you through this ever changing and important process, assisting in the procurement of permits, formation of plans and reporting of activities to ensure that you follow the proper procedures and best management practices in order to avoid costly fines and expenses.

Whatever your desired method of contracting and management of your project, our managers and staff can adapt our approach to best serve your needs.