Mass Earthwork

Our primary business focus at inception was mass earthwork and remains so today. Our fleet of equipment, our maintenance facilities, our operations and our employees allow us the ability to provide a comprehensive approach to earthwork projects–large and small. Our experience and expertise allows us to adapt to challenging site conditions to ensure that the earthwork required for your project is completed as efficiently as possible.

Our earthwork services begin before we even mobilize to the site, as we work with your engineer and consultants to review the soil types present, identify any unique site conditions, assess various risk potentials and strive to value engineer the earthwork balance so as to maximize the potential of your site and the best value possible. We utilize the latest technology and electronic equipment to properly quantify and plan your site’s earth movement. This information is assessed and the resulting earthwork plan is implemented in the field by our employees utilizing GPS survey technology. By the time we mobilize to your site to begin construction, we have a thorough knowledge of what to expect for ground conditions, what the special challenges will be, where the dirt is coming from and where it needs to be. This allows us to work as fast as possible and coordinate our activities with other trades to expedite the construction process.


Our earthmoving equipment is also equipped with GPS controls which provide our operators with visual confirmation of where they are on site and what the existing and proposed elevations need to be. Through integration of the GPS into the hydrualic control systems of the machines, we are able to minimize operator error and ensure that the earth gets moved correctly at all times.

G.A. Blocker has experience on earthwork projects of all types including industrial, commercial, residential, transportation and environmental. We have the ability to adapt our fleet to work on small, specialized sites or provide a multi-shift fleet and crew operation on the largest of sitework projects–we have experience on each.