Native Habitats

There is always a delicate balance that is required to be achieved between construction/development and the native environment.  Increasingly, conservation of our natural resources plays a major role in the design of project sites through the incorporation and/or enhancement of wetland areas and native prairie.

G.A. Blocker has completed many successful wetland remediation, mitigation and enhancement projects throughout northern Illinois.  We are able to utilize the knowledge, equipment and technology that we have in-house to ensure that the proper and design features of these often fragile ecosystems are properly constructed, protected and maintained.  We often provide detailed and extensive reporting and monitoring services in conjunction with the construction, ensuring that the wetlands continue to thrive after we have moved the earth.  Our employees have training and experience on complex habitat restoration projects requiring close coordination with governmental and quasi-governmental bodies, including the US EPA, IL EPA, IDNR, USACE, and local soil and water conservation districts, among others.

We understand the important role that wetlands and native vegetation areas play in ensuring that our watersheds remain of the highest quality by filtering out pollutants and filtering pollutants and sediment, while providing important habitat to a variety of species.  We use this understanding to ensure that the areas that we construct function properly.