Over the course of the last 50 years of being in business, G.A. Blocker Grading and our affiliated companies have developed many beautiful and successful real estate projects as either as sole owner or as a member of a partnership.  Our capitalization allows us to participate on many levels on various projects and our expertise in infrastructure construction brings value to our relationship.

We have extensive experience on the many facets of private development including:

  • Evaluating locations and sites
  • Preparing pro-forma financial information
  • Assembling up front due-diligence items
  • Identifying market risk and assessing the profitability of a proposed development
  • Working with governing bodies to procure the necessary entitlements and permits
  • Working with consultants to maximize the return on an investment in a particular site
  • Managing all aspects of construction
  • Securing financing from equity sources, lending institutions and public/private partnerships

In the past we have developed industrial parks, single-family residential subdivisions, multi-family residential subdivisions, marina and golf course developments.  We understand how to bring conceptual dreams into reality and are always looking for unique opportunities to do so.